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About Us: 

At Cardinal State, LLC we focus on constructing traditional and ecological landscapes that enhance the urban environment both functionally and aesthetically. Our projects include ornamental landscape and hardscape installation, stream and shoreline restoration and stabilization, ecological restoration and stewardship, and green infrastructure installation. Cardinal State, LLC was founded by Roger Wiese who holds a high level of passion for positively transforming landscapes. Collectively, our team at Cardinal State, LLC shares over 90 years of experience in the landscape construction and ecological restoration industries. Our skilled staff of professionals including managers, ecologists, arborists, plantsmen and equipment operators are licensed and certified to perform the necessary tasks to achieve successful landscape enhancement projects. Our experience allows us to provide ecologically and economically driven solutions while delivering a high level of quality to our clients in a timely manner. We here at Cardinal State, LLC pride ourselves in forming positive, mutually beneficial relationships with our colleagues and clients in order to meet project goals and build a sustainable future. 


Landscape Construction

Building traditional and ecological landscapes to enhance urban environments and resolve complex environmental problems.


Stream + Shoreline Restoration

Restoring degraded streams and shorelines to improve our stormwater management systems and create a more stabile future.


Ecological Restoration

Installing and managing native ecosystems across the Midwest to preserve and restore our rich biodiversity and balance our natural systems.

Green Infrastructure

Installing a broad range of green infrastructure systems in our urban environments to help communities achieve environmental, social, and economic benefits.

PHONE: (630) 320-9257
FAX: (630) 326-8142

ADDRESS:  817 Kay Ave, Suite #1, Addison, IL 60101
MAILING ADDRESS: 1719 Spring Creek Rd. Barrington Hills, IL 60010

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