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Stream & Shoreline Restoration

Cardinal State, LLC specializes in restoring degraded stream systems, shorelines, and ravines to achieve a more balanced, stabilized system. Our restoration work reduces soil erosion and sediment influx via bank stabilization, encourages de-channelization when possible, increases the systems capacity to handle changes in flow via the installation of flood plains and wetlands, increases and improves aquatic and riparian zone habitats, reintroduces native species to the system, and improves runoff and stormwater quality. 

Services Include:

  • De-channelization and Slope Regrading

  • In-stream Rock Structure Installation (Check Dams, Rock Weirs, Rock Veins, Rock Cross Veins, J-Hooks, Rock Toes, and Channel Bed Aggregate)

  • In-stream Large Wood Habitat and Log Jam Installation

  • Soil Lift Installation

  • Coir Log Installation

  • Geosynthetic Stabilization and Erosion Control Blanket Installation

  • Aquatic, Emergent and Upland Vegetation Installation

  • Live Stake Installation

  • Wildlife Protection 

  • Establishment Maintenance and Natural Areas Stewardship

  • Ecological Monitoring 

We also offer erosion control services for general contractors including:

  • Silt Fence

  • Inlet/Pipe Protection

  • Temporary Ditch Checks

  • Temporary Seeding 

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