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Ecological Restoration

Our team excels at constructing functional ecological infrastructure in existing urban systems as well as in newly built settings. We also excel at stewarding newly installed native ecosystems as well as restoring remnant or existing systems throughout the Midwest. We focus on creating practical and integrated ecological landscapes that alleviate the negative effects of erosion and pollutive runoff all while providing spaces for native biodiversity to thrive. Here at Cardinal State, LLC we are not naïve enough to think we can re-create nature, but we are confident that our ecological restoration projects are a step in the right direction towards intelligent development that is more in balance with our natural systems.

Services Include:

  • Native Seed and Plug Installation

  • Native Tree & Shrub Installation

  • Ecological Mowing

  • Invasive Species Control

  • Selective Clearing and Canopy Thinning

  • Ecological Monitoring and Site Assessments

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